This photograph records our first Dierking ancestors to travel to the 
United States from Hanover, Germany.
They left on October 15, 1840 aboard the steam ship "Alvina".
The trip took nearly three months when they arrived at New Orleans, Lousiana
on January 11, 1841.
They settled west of Union, Missouri near Jeffriesburg on a 200 acre farm.
George was a cobbler by trade.


Pictured above are:
George Ludwig and Anna Maria Elizabeth (nee) Heinemann Dierking
with three of their 11 children Mary Dorothea, George Henery, & Marie Louisa
It is believed that this photo was taken prior to arriving in America.

Pictured above are:
George Ludwig and Anna Maria Dierking
as they appeared in old age. The date of this photo is uncertain
Anna  was born on February 22, 1811 in Hanover, Esperke, Germany. 
She died in January 14, 1892.
George was born December 12, 1808 in Hanover, Esperke, Germany.
He died on January 24, 1895.

The second and third generations to live in America are pictured below. Continuing down our family tree Wilhelm (William) Dierking was born at sea during the voyage to America on Janurary 3, 1841 and died on January 9, 1917
Katherian was born on October 28, 1852 and died on May 25, 1925.
Wilhelm was married to Katherian Elise (nee) Duvendack on May 8, 1873.
Together they had 12 children.

Pictured above are:
First Row: Anna Maria Elise, Katharina (mother), Edwin Heinrich Fredeich, Wilhem (father), and George Heinrich Otto Dierking.
Second Row: Dorothea Katherine O'Tillie, Henrietta Wilhelmina Malsenia, Erna Alwine Elise, Lydia Louisa Sophia, Dora Wilhelmine Louisa, Martha Katherina Wilhelmina, Paula Karolina Elise Dierking.

As seen in the previous picture this is Edwin Heinrich Dierking as a youg man. Next to his picture is his future wife, Wilhelminia (Minnie) Borgmann, in what is believed to be her confirmation photo.

Edwin was born on March 1, 1882.
Minnie was born on January 20, 1898.

The photo on the left is their wedding photo taken on September 20, 1917
The photo on the rightwas taken later in their marrage.
Edwin died in 1961.
Minnie died on May 25, 1974.

Together Edwin and Minnie had nine childern of which eight survived to adulthood. Below the family is pictured together with all their surviving children.
Front Row: Chester, Edwin (father), Raymond, Shirley, and Elsie.
Back Row: Elmer, Minnie (mother), Gladys, Ester, and Alfred

This is the wedding photo of Raymond Dierking to Helen Rasmussen.
They were married March 15, 1957.
Helen's Maid of honon is her older sister Ruth and Bridesmaid Shirley Dierking.
Raymond's bestman was Ruth's husband Walter Hemplemann,
and groomsmen B.C. Caukins

Raymond and Helen Dierking had three children Michael Ray, Brenda Sue, and Beth Louise Dierking.
Michael was born on October 17, 1959
Brenda was born on  April 2, 1961
Beth was born on December 11,1965

Michael was married to Victoria Lynn (nee) Buenemann on October 4, 1980

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