Heritage Berkshire

Heritage berkshire hogs ready for purchase. Contact us today to place your order for you and your family today!

Here at Idle Wind Farm we are excited about an addition to our farm. We now have heritage Berkshire pork. Our breeding stock includes three sows and one boar. We obtained this wonderful Berkshire stock from Newman Farm where they specialize in heritage Berkshire pork.

Recently we procured some genetics from Deer Park Pedigree Pigs in the UK/Northern Ireland. These genetics are from the boar Nama Able. We will select one of his best male offspring to replace our aging boar.

These animals are all kept and raised outdoors. They are free to roam, eat, and anything they desire. 

Currently, we are able to raise approximately 50 Berkshire porkers each year for purchase.

If you are interested in about learning about our pork or would like to purchase some great pork for your family contact us for any questions you may have.

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